Missions Outreach

Local and Foreign – at FBC

At FBC, Missions, both at home and abroad, is a main focus. Our missions program consists of four parts: the Seed, the Sower, the Giver, and the Goer.

The Seed is the Word of God. We are a part of the Northeast Seedline Ministries, a group of Baptist churches who work together to publish the Word of God in many different languages. We contribute to this both financially and physically. We do our part in publishing the Word of God by collating, stapling, and trimming the books of John and Romans. Then we pack the completed copy into shipping boxes and it is ready for distribution around the world. We have been able to participate in publishing these Scripture portions in over a dozen different languages, which have gone to five different continents around our world.

The Sower is the missionary. We are actively engaged in supporting, both financially and prayerfully, many missionaries across the globe. We are commited to not only give to our missionaries, but to pray for their specific needs and ministries as well.

The Giver is each individual in our church. We can not only give of our financial resources, but of our time and talents as well, when we participate in the Scripture Publishing ministry, in prayer for our missionaries and ministries, and as we tell others of the Gospel.

The Goer is also each individual in our church. We may not be able to go around the world to a foreign field, but we seek to spread the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around our corner by personal testimony and witness, and distribution of tracts and Scripture.

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